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The History of the iPad

Looking back to April 2010, when the first prototype of the iPad was released world over, little did anyone imagine that the iPad would go on to become one of the world’s largest selling electronic gadgets ever. None would have imagined that the iPad would cross even the combined sales of the iPhone and Mac combined. Have you ever wondered what could be the reason behind this profound success of the iPad. The features, the apps, the looks or the rich history attached to it– these could be one of the many reasons why the iPad is selling like hot cakes. It could also be that Apple was just lucky and had the first mover’s advantage.

The following paragraphs will shed more light onto the staggering success of the iPad and the rich history it carries.The first iPad took the world by surprise even with its modest specifications (Single core processor and 256 mb RAM). The iPad 2 had a much better design and functionality than its predecessor and came with double the RAM and double the processing capacity. But the iPad 3 has superb computational abilities, courtesy to its 1 GB RAM, retina scanning display and 4 separate cores. The iPad has withered the storm of 2001 which saw Microsoft fail miserable with its own tablets. Seeing the plight of Microsoft, Apple was quite cautious and was actually testing the waters with its first iPad (given its low specifications which included an absence of a USB port and small RAM) , some experts believe.







Over the years, Apple has come to be known as a hardware company and not a software expert. However, the software such as iMovies, iWork and GarageBand have evolved with the tablets and keep getting better and better. Apple has also made sure that top rated and used software are available on the iPads and the recent Lite version of Adobe Photoshop is a clear example of things to follow.

In spite of being voted as the best tablet, across the world at various conferences, there are certain areas of improvement that Apple could work upon; eg: iPad 3, like its predecessors lacks full versions of software such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut and these can be provided. A major reason for absence of such crucial software is the absence of Wacom digitizer support for improving precision of the iPad’s touch. Also, some apps which work perfectly on the Mac are a disappointment on the iPad because of its small screen size.
The features of the iPad speak for themselves, apart from the rich history and the cool quotient. The iPad may well be the most important product Apple has ever created. This is because it will set the strategic roadmap for Apple’s future. It has even played a major role in shaping the tablet industry as a whole . With the PC market almost saturated, Apple will rule the roost with its tablets. Thus, this great product will chart the course forward for Apple as well as the tablet industry.

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