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Looking back to April 2010, when the first prototype of the iPad was released world over, little did anyone imagine that the iPad would go on to become one of the world’s largest selling electronic gadgets ever. It is hard to believe, but the iPad sales have long surpassed thos of the Mac as well as the iPhone. So what is it about the iPad that compels people to buy it. The features, the apps, the looks or the rich history attached to it– these could be one of the many reasons why the iPad is selling like hot cakes. It might also be a simple case of a first mover’s advantage. This article will take a hard look at the various reasons why the iPad has been so successful and the long history attached to it.

The first iPad took the world by surprise even with its modest specifications (Single core processor and 256 mb RAM). The second and improved version of the iPad had double the Ram and a dual core processor. The iPad 3 is the market leader in tablets with 4 times the processing capability of the first iPad and ultra-clear touch screen, courtesy its retina scan display. Microsoft, in 2001, had failed miserably with its tablets and the iPad has come a long way since those pre tablet days. In retrospect, some techie experts believe that iPad 1 with its meager RAM and lack of a USB portal was just a test product for Apple to gauge the demand from the consumer side.

Apple has largely been a computer hardware company and not a software giant. However, the software such as iMovies, iWork and GarageBand have evolved with the tablets and keep getting better and better. In order to ensure a seamless experience for its users, the Apple community has made sure that almost all popular software are available in the Apps market and Adobe’s Lite version of its Photoshop is a testimony to this fact.

iPad 3 , like its predecessors lacks full versions of software such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut , and these can be provided inbuilt in the iPad; this will help to make this great product even more better. The main reason for these shortcomings is the absence of the Wacom digitizer support for improving precision of the iPad’s touch. Some apps work well on the PC but give poor performance on the iPad.

Thus, it is not only the history, the associated cool quotient and the aura of Jobs that makes iPad sell, but its features and near ability to replace the Mac. It may well be Apple’s most important product. This is because , its success will chart the course forward for the technology giant after the demise of its flamboyant CEO Steve Jobs. It has even played a major role in shaping the tablet industry as a whole . With the PC market almost saturated, Apple will rule the roost with its tablets. Thus, the iPad is important not only to Apple, but to the tablet and laptop industry in a whole.

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