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iPad 5 vs iPad Mini

iPad Mini has been a huge hit among Apple users ever since its release a couple of months back. There are experts who even feel that the iPad Mini might have come in the way of iPad 4 too. The next big question is if iPad Mini will be able to sustain the excitement it has generated once the fifth generation iPad is released in 2013? Every product of Apple is considered to be a masterpiece in itself. The products score well on both the technicalities as well as the design. What was surprising about iPad 4’s release was the fact that it was released in quick succession after the iPad 3. Even though the iPad 4 is a new and advanced version, most reviews say that it is quite similar to its previous version. This has in fact increased the level of expectations from iPad 5 which is expected to release sometime early 2013.

Apart from that, the other factor which will add pressure is the fact that iPad 5 will be compared to its miniature version, iPad Mini. The iPad Mini has been quite a success in the market already and it is possible that it becomes a competitor to the bigger iPad versions.

ipad 5

iPad 5 gives you a complete experience

If you want to compare the iPad 5 with iPad Mini, you have to first know that these are products belonging to different categories. They have been designed to cater to different target segments. But for those who have to select between the two knowing some differences and similarities would help.

1. The retina display on the full sized screen is sure to give you a great viewing experince. The retina display was first introduced on the iPad 4 and was a feature appreciated by many users. It is expected that iPad 5 will bring something additional as well.

2. Browsing is very easy when done on a full screen. Additionally, it is also expected that the iPad 5 will bring with it better 4G connection capabilities

3. The graphics are also said to improve significantly thereby giving the users a great gaming experience

The only area where iPad Mini clearly has an edge is portability. It easily fits into your coat pocket or a handbag. So, if that is of prime concern then iPad Mini clearly scores.

iPad Mini gives you more at less

The iPad Mini has received great reviews and is definitely being looked at as a huge competition to full sized tablets.

  1. It is light weight and highly portable. The iPad Mini can be used with only one of your hands and this is not possible in case of any other full sized tablet.

  2. The best deal that one gets is the features of a full sized iPad at a much lower price

  3. You have access to all the applications and games you can get on the iPad Mini as well

The one area where iPad Mini scores less is the browsing capabilities. You have to keep zooming in and out. The screen of the iPad Mini is not as attractive as the iPad 4’s retina display and the expected iPad 5 display. Final word is that both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini are great in their categories. Depending on what a user wants from it he can make a choice.

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